I write because it's the only way I make sense of life. I write because it is my prayer.

I write because my God spoke words to form this world and he is speaking still so I join him in this holy act. I write to reach hearts.

I write so that women who are traveling through the grief of pregnancy loss will know they aren't alone and there is hope.

I write for all the mamas, and I share what I have learned with others in the homeschooling journey.

WRITING  //  publications 

I write for various print and online publications including Deeply Rooted MagazineHope Mommies, Wild + Free Homeschooling Community, The Wild Explorers Club, Pursuit, Drift Journal, and Design Aglow Magazine. I develop curriculum on creativity, writing, branding, art and photography, and I teach these classes through Bloom; an online school and community. Also I blog.

I have also written a manuscript to share my story of pregnancy loss and grief in order to come alongside women who are journeying through loss and share hope with them. I can't wait to share it with you...


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