Home + Schooling Getting Started (or going deeper) Video Guide


Are you thinking about homeschooling, beginning your homeschool journey, or wanting to go deeper or feel more organized and inspired?

Then this video guide is for YOU!

I have created a five part video series where I share a behind the scenes look at everything our family has learned in our eight years of homeschooling, and what you need to get started easily and enjoyably. 

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Part 1 - Philosophy

Why we do what we do and what homeschooling philosophies have influenced us the most.

Part 2 - History + Living Books

How we structure all of our art and literature around the story - history! Inspiring and equipping our children through great literature and a chronological view of their place in the drama of life.

Part 3 - Absorbing the Language Arts

A look at the language arts curriculum we use, and how to use read-alouds, copywork, dictation and narration to help children absorb the building blocks of excellent reading and writing.

Part 4 - Atmosphere + Set-up

A behind the scenes peek at how I set up our home for an organized and enjoyable homeschool experience, and inspiration for creating a nurturing learning atmosphere.

Part 5 - Science, Math, Pre-K, Kinder + Resources

Recommendations for nature based science, math that works (without tears), excellent pre-k and kinder programs, and some of my favorite resources.

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Upon payment you will receive an INSTANT download PDF with the link and password to a private Vimeo channel with 5 videos that I created with over an hour and a half of content - giving you an in-depth look at how I have set up our home for schooling, the curriculum we use, and the inspiration and resources that have shaped my teaching.

These videos are yours to access again and again and will equip you for a wonderful beginning to your journey or help you dig deeper and reframe practices that may not be working for your family.

The PDF you receive will also include a link to a private Facebook group where you can find community with others on this homeschooling journey.

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