MOURNING INTO JOY // loss, grief + hope

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

- Matthew 5:4


We lost our son Joshua on his due date, during birth. We had two sons at home then, ages three and five. Two months later I was pregnant with Jeremiah who was born healthy via an emergency c-section at thirty-seven weeks. We cherished his little days, but still longed for another baby. Some people called us crazy, and some just understood. When Jeremiah was four I became pregnant with Beacon who we lost at sixteen weeks when a routine ultrasound showed his heart had stopped beating. Still we longed for another child to hold, but we didn't know if we could journey though uncertainty and possible grief again. A year and a half after losing Beacon we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant with Blessing and were overjoyed. We never saw her heart beat or her body grow beyond a tiny shadow. Very few people knew about this quiet, sudden grief at ten weeks, but we loved her so. After a long and painful journey, God recently blessed us with a daughter whom we named Joy. We love and are so incredibly thankful for all seven of our children.

This is our story. 


If your loss has come sudden and you are still within it, there is not yet beauty to be seen. It is there though, and will be found later. I promise.

If the season of losing came slow and uncertain, then maybe you have glimpsed some beauty along the way already.

Whatever your story… your Maker is near, and weeps with you. And the hearts of millions of women and myself are with you. You don't have to walk this path alone. It’s through grieving that we find healing. It’s as we mourn that we are comforted and find joy.

Pregnancy loss is often a quiet and solitary road, but you don’t have to travel alone. Let’s join hands and shed tears to honor the children that await us in heaven. Let’s learn from and comfort each other on the journey through tragedy towards hope - towards joy again.

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